We prefer short channels and local products,
and work in close collaboration with local development actors.

Information regarding our providers is available below:

SCEA La Chaume,18130 Bussy
(Bovine meat from Charolais breed)
Honey from Haut-Berry. T. Loizeau, beekeeper in Vornay
Huilerie d’Auron, 6 quai du Canal 18130 Dun sur Auron
SCEA Maison Rouge, 18130 Jussy-Champagne
(potatoes : Agata, Gourmandine, Charlotte)
La Cillyotte, 18130 Bussy
(beer : white, lager, amber, dark)
Sa Majesté la Graine, 18350 Nérondes
(quinoa, green lentils, coral lentils, spleat peas, chickpeas…)
SCEA PICOT, Domaine de Boucheteau, 18130 Bussy
(stone-milled soft sweat flour)